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We will open with in-person learning for Fall beginning on August 10th.

**Get your Official Covid-19 School Masks!**


The reality is there is no practical way for students to attend school and avoid 100% of contact with others. But there are measures we can take to significantly reduce the risk of Coronavirus infection. Below are some of the ways we will safeguard our students this Fall:

Online option for middle and high school students. Parents of middle & high students have the option to use online learning for First Semester. 

We group our students based on ability, not just grade. This "Team" assignment means that our students are interacting with the same group of students in class, thereby limiting exposure.

We monitor student conditions based on CDC recommendations. We will consistently monitor our students and staff (which will include daily temperature-taking) to ensure the healthiest possible environment. 

Our average class size is 17 students, which limits exposure. This class size is half the size of many public and private school classrooms, and allows us to spread our students further apart.

We break for hand-washing and sanitizing between each class, and during class when deemed necessary by our instructors. Also, several of our classrooms have hand washing stations (specifically the younger students).

We eat lunch in our classrooms. By doing so, we limit student-interaction and thus exposure. 

Adaptability. As this is a fairly fluid situation, we are ready to make the necessary adjustments to ensure a healthy learning environment for our students. As conditions improve, we will adapt appropriately. 

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