school attire:


Students are required to wear uniforms at The Wilson Academy. Uniforms not only remove the focus from fashion and place it on education, but uniforms also promote a professional attitude. Students are not permitted on school grounds without wearing the school uniform in its entirety; this will be strictly enforced. MOST OF OUR UNIFORM PIECES ARE BRAND SPECIFIC. This means that although you may find an item that looks similar to an item shown, students may only wear the specific brand of item noted. The only exceptions are the uniform shoe, of which the requirements are listed below. WITH LOGO means that you must first purchase the item, then take the item to one of the places listed below for the school monogram to be embroidered onto the item. "Local purchase" means you are free to purchase the item wherever you choose. Click on the items to order online, and be sure to choose the “school uniform” item for Lands’ End items.

Any items that require the school logo, along with our optional items, may be purchased online or in-person at our authorized provider:

Custom Embroidery LLC

Required Attire for K-5 Girls (French Toast Brand)


Required Attire for K-5 Boys (French Toast Brand)

  • Black Lace-up Shoes or loafer style, SOLID BLACK ONLY (local purchase)


Required Attire for Girls Grades 6-12(Land's End)

Required Attire for Boys Grades 6-12 (Land's End)

  • Black Slacks (#403847-BP8)                                                                                 

  • White Long Sleeve Shirt (Boys may only wear long sleeve shirts – #458479-BP0)

  • Black Sweater Vest WITH LOGO, Grades 6 & Up only

  • Gold Tie

  • White Polo WITH LOGO – (May only be worn in the months of July, August, September, April, May, June, and designated field trips) 

  • Black Belt (non-braided)

  • Black Socks 

  • Black Lace-up Shoes or loafer style, SOLID BLACK ONLY (local purchase)

All button-down shirts are only to be worn beneath the vest. Polo shirts are not to be worn beneath the vest. 

**Letterman's Jackets** - Click here to order!

Additional Apparel

Click here to purchase the School Jacket, School T-shirt, School P.E. Attire, Approved Polo Shirts for Grades 6 & up, and more!  

Grooming & Upkeep



All parts of the uniform must be in good condition when worn to school. Wrinkled or ripped material, holes, visibly patched articles, and significantly faded clothing is not permitted. This includes shoes. Black belts must always be worn (boys and pants season for girls), and braided belts are not allowed. 


Warrior students are to maintain a clean, professional appearance. Hair must be clean, neat, and organized. Girls may not use primary colors or other non-natural colors to completely color their hair (blue, red, purple, etc.) Small accents or highlights are acceptable. Boys must always keep hairstyles neat, edged, and clean.

*Note: It is impossible to anticipate new trends or fashions. As such, we reserve the right to make judgment calls as to whether the appearances of our students appropriately represents The Wilson Academy. Our dress code is not intended to oppress student individuality; rather it is intended to uplift the natural, professional, and dignified beauty of our young Warriors.

Dress for success!